Dr Derine Louw focuses on therapeutic interventions in children, adolescents and adults.



Individual Therapy

Therapeutic modalities and process duration differ depending on the presenting problem and the need of the client:

  • Short-term therapy: this therapeutic process usually lasts between 8-12 sessions and is focused on addressing a specific problem.
  • Long-term therapy: this therapeutic process focuses on a deeper level, with the aim of growth and development of the self.

Children and adolescents:

  • The first contact when a child or adolescent is referred, is with the parents. Both parents must attend this intake interview session. The goal is to get a holistic view of the referral reason and child’s developmental history.
  • Thereafter the process with the child or adolescent commences, with feedback to the parent as appropriate or indicated.
  • Therapy provides the child or adolescent with a safe space, and thus their privacy and confidentiality will be honoured to facilitate engagement in the process.


  • The first one or two sessions with adults, focus on the referral reason and an overview of their life history. The aim is to understand what brought them to therapy in the first place and what they hope to achieve from the process.
  • With this information as a starting point, we will contract for an amount of sessions and start addressing the challenges in a modality that fits the presenting problem and the client’s personality and life view best.


Group Therapy

  • Group therapy is an effective way of engaging in therapeutic work that has the benefit of providing the clients the opportunity to grow in a supportive environment, where they feel less isolated and more able to identify with others with similar challenges.
  • Group therapy will be facilitated in closed groups, which means that once a group has started no new members will be included for the duration of that rotation.
  • Groups comprises of 6 – 8 members.
  • Some themes that are covered:
    • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – teaching life skills with the focus on being more mindful, tolerating distress more appropriately, regulating emotions better and dealing with interpersonal relationships more effectively.
    • Support groups for siblings of children with special needs.
    • Support groups for parents of children with special needs.



Online teletherapy available via www.doxy.me

Dr Derine Louw is now offering you secure video visits. It's understandable that meeting at the practice is not always convenient. Online appointments allow you to receive the same quality care as you do in person. No need to take time off work, find a sitter, or deal with traffic in order to meet with Dr Derine Louw. Online appointments are appropriate for many types of appointments. Feel free to contact the practice for more information or to schedule your appointment!